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JC Organics is a company based in Magetan, a small town in East Java - Indonesia which is located on the foot of mount Lawu. JC Organics was  formerly Global Access Indonesia which was established in 2005. Since we are now specialized on organic and wild crafted products only, we then established JC Organics in  January 2011. We are dedicated to giving you the best of Indonesian organic and wild crafted products.

JC Organics is a communal company. We work together with farmers and forest villagers all over Indonesia. We educate farmers to abandon the use of chemicals such as: fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides. We help the farmers associations to gain certificates from well known organizations once they have achieved acquired and conducted the organic way of cultivating.

We and our farmers will bring the best organic and wild crafted products to your hands. Our products vary from granulated coconut sugar, coconut sugar syrup, shaped coconut sugar, raw coffee beans, raw cashew beans, raw cacao beans, virgin coconut oil, etc